A man punched 5-days old baby, arrested by Police


A five day old girl go out with her Parents, Amy Duckers and Lewis Temple, and her seven year old sister, Libby, for the first time since bring born, when she was punched by a 63-year old man.

Baby Elsie Rose took to supermarket by her mother Amy Duckers in Manchester. She was in the pram when a man came to her, overheard family friends saying, “Come and have a look at this beautiful baby” and struck Elsie to the head and infant burst into the tears. The infant was treated in Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester for seven hours after the incident.

Shocking with the incident, Mrs. Ducker said, “”The punch was that hard you could heard the connection as this man hit Elsie. Just can’t believe it – especially as it was on a five day old baby. It was the first time I’d taken Elsie out since she was born. Now I’m just too frightened to take her out again.”

“My seven year-old was there and saw everything, and she was just screaming. She thought he’d killed the baby. I don’t want anyone to touch Elsie ever again. I literally can’t get my head around why someone would do this. “She added.

The man arrested after the incident on suspicion of assault. The 63-year old man claimed that he thought the baby was not real and was a toy.

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