American Horror Story: Latest Death on the show leaves fans devastated

The biggest twist of American Horror Story: Roanoke has been revealed finally. When “AHS” ended its fifth episode last week with the apparent conclusion of the tale of Shelby and Matt’s Roanoke nightmare, everyone wondered what was next. Well, let’s let Cheyenne Jackson’s slimy reality producer, the one who created “My Roanoke Nightmare,” tell you: “It’s like ‘Big Brother,’ but with scares!”

Shelby (Lily Rabe) has seen herself the victim of death threats and her marriage to Matt (Andre Holland) is on the rocks and she’s had an affair with fake Matt, Dominic Banks (Cuba Gooding Jr.). Agnes (Kathy Bates), the actress who played the Butcher, became a huge star but then had a massive breakdown and started thinking she was actually the Butcher. Sidney actually serves her papers to keep her away from the set.

Lee (Adina Porter) is suspected of actually murdering her husband in real life but agrees to come back to the show to clear her name. Her actress counterpart, Monet (Angela Bassett), has actually found herself in and out of rehab.

Audrey has married Evan Peters‘character, Rory, who’s a loud, joking ginger far removed from Edward Mott’s craziness.


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