Warner Brothers name themselves infringers, requests Google to remove some of its own pirated websites

Warner Brothers flagged some of its owns sites as piracy portals and asked google to remove them from search results. The studio made the request via Vobile, a company that files hundreds of thousands of takedown requests every month.

The film studio has a history of using partner Vobile Inc to find and enforce the removal of unauthorized content. The take down request includes the official website for the blockbusters “The Dark Knight” and “The Matrix.”

The notice also demanded Google remove a search result for Amazon, and for the IMDB page for “Batman Begins.” The self-censorship was first spotted by news blog Torrent Freak.

According to Lumen which analyzes complaints about online activity, the studio submitted a complaint to tech giant Google last month, naming themselves as infringers. The copyright infringement claim  includes 300 URLs to websites allegedly providing illegal streams or downloads.


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