University of Missouri defends experimenting on Beagles

Millions of animals are used for experimentation. They are locked inside barren cages in the laboratories, waiting in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them.

But the University of Missouri is defending its research practices after a national pet-adoption group publicly denounced an experiment that led to six female beagles being euthanized.

The California-based Beagle Freedom Project, which is suing the university system over $82,000 in fees it says it is being charged for an open-records request, said it learned of the dogs’ deaths after happening upon a published study about treatment for damaged corneas.

Kevin Chase, Vice president of the BFP, which rescues former research animals ranging from ponies to goldfish for adoption, said “Caging dogs in a laboratory, intentionally damaging their corneas, and then killing them is about as ethical as picking people off the street and sitting them over the head with a pipe in order to test new concussion treatments.”

On this university issued a statement saying the beagles were anesthetized during the procedure and were given pain medications if any discomfort was evident. Animal research is only done when scientists believe there is no other way to study the problem, and our researches respect their research animals greatly and provide the utmost care.


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