Two Dolphin’s conversations recorded for the first time

Have you ever imagined, how mammals communicate with each other? Don’t need to scratch your head, here as per recent discovery by Russia that dolphins are able to speak to one another in complete sentences.

We all are aware of the fact Dolphins are ludicrously intelligent creatures and regularly signal each other to warn the danger using clicks and whistles.

But recently Researchers at the Karandag nature reserve, in Feodosia, Russia, recorded conversation of two dolphins, through an underwater microphone which could distinguish the animals’ different voices. The two are called Yasha and Yana.

The researchers found that Yasha and Yana could create sentences of up to five “words”, but the scientists still do not understand the content.

Lead researcher Dr Vyacheslav Ryabov, said  it was now beyond doubt that dolphins speak their own language and it is time to start studying how to communicate directly with them.


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