Serena Williams surpasses Roger Federer with her 308th win in US Open

American tennis player, Serena Williams not only won the U.S Open on Monday but breaks grand slam record, overtakes Roger Federer’s record for most grand slam wins in US Open.

Defeating Kazakhstani player Yaroslava shvedova in the fourth round of the tournament, Serena collected her 308th grand slam passes Roger Federer’s mark to reach 308 grand slam wins.

After getting 308th win, she said, “its a huge number. I think it’s something that just really talks about the length of my career, in particular. I’ve been playing for a really long time. But also, given that consistency up there that’s something that I’m really proud of.”

On asking why she continues to put in the hard work, Williams said ,” Now I don’t really see when I’m going to stop because I’m just enjoying these moments out here, getting to break records that I didn’t even know existed or I didn’t even know was possible. I think when you really enjoy what you do, it’s different.”


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