Project Zero: Google announced a hacking contest worth $200,000 USD

Google announced a hacking contest “Project Zero” with the objective of finding vulnerability or bug Chain, which achieve remote code execution on multiple Android devices’ phone number and email address.

The winner of the contest will be awarded with $200,000 USD. Moreover, $100,000 will be giving to second winner and $ 50,000 will be share among other entrants.

Commenting the contest Natalle Silvanovich, Said, “Despite the existence of vulnerability rewards programs at Google and other companies, many unique, high-quality security bugs have been discovered as a result of hacking contests. Hoping to continue the stream of great bugs, we’ve decided to start our own contest. The Project Zero.”

The structure of the contest is bit different this time, as participants are asked to report the bugs in Android issue tracker, instead of saving up bugs until there’s an entire bug chain and then submitting it to the Project Zero Prize. They can then be used as a part of submission by the participant any time during the six month contest period.

It is important to note here is that the bug reported by a particular participant can only be used by that participant later on. What all they need to submit is full description of how their exploit works, and this description will be eventually published on the team’s official blog.

“Our Main motivation is to gain information about how these bugs and exploits work. There are often rumors of remote Android Exploits but it’s fairly rare to see one in action.” Silvanovich added.


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