Peter Doherty Announces New Album Hamburg Demonstrations, Shares New Song

The Libertines front man Peter Doherty officially announced the album: Hamburg Demonstrations is out December 2 via BMG/Clouds Hill with the first single “”I Don’t Love Anyone (But You’re Not Just Anyone),” followed by the album’s track list and cover art and some French tour dates.

The album was produced, recorded, and mixed by Johann Scheerer at Clouds Hill Recordings, Hamburg, Germany over six months. Doherty has long wanted to record in Hamburg, partly because that’s where The Beatles started to make their mark.

Hamburg Demonstrations includes songs like ‘Flags Of The Old Regime’ (now called ‘Flags From The Old Regime’), a tribute to Amy Watson, ‘Hell to Pay at the Gates of Heaven,’ written after the Paris attacks last November – it laments the fact that young people are now picking up guns instead of guitars ‘Come on boys choose your weapon J-45 or AK-47?’ (Gibson J-45 being John Lennon’s favorite acoustic guitar), ‘Kolly Kibber’ inspired by Kolley Kibber, the newspaper man who meets a sticky end at the beginning of Brighton Rock, and ‘A Spy in the House of Love,’ a title borrowed from the Anaïs Nin novel.”



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