Open Office Could be shut down due to lack of developers

Microsoft’s one of the most prominent free alternatives, OpenOffice is facing the trouble of Volunteer drought and it could be close down if more developers can’t recruited to support the project and keep the software secure.

Highlighting the problem Dennis E.Hamilton, vice president of the project, wrote an email that tea consists of only six core members. The dearth of volunteers willing to give time to the project has made it impossible even to promptly fix known security vulnerabilities. Hamilton writes that there is little prospect of attracting more talent, and that a shutdown is “a serious possibility.”

According to Ars Technica, this happened because of LibreOffice that is the other free alternative that’s been publishing updates more frequently launched in 2011.Contributors most likely want to work with LibreOffice.

Hamilton also wrote that the available pool of developers is “aging” and that working on OpenOffice isn’t “much of a resume builder” for developers.


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