James Patterson cancel the publication of “The Murder of Stephen King”

Author James Patterson, who earlier announced a book titled “The Murder of Stephen King”, has scrapped the publication of the book because he does not want to cause discomfort to king.

The book is the story of a psychotic fan re-enacting the murders from King’s book with the goal of eventually killing King himself.

“I’m a Stephen King fan, But Stephen king didn’t participate in the making of this novel, nor is he affiliated with it in anyway. I hope he likes it” this is what he wrote on his website, before scarping the book.

Patterson’s decision of cancellation the novel was taken after the publicity that followed the announcement of the book, when was alerted to the fact that fans of Stephen king have disrupted the King household in the past.

Having learnt this, Patterson- who co-wrote the book with Derek Nikitas- said in a statement released by his publisher on Thursday “My book is a positive portrayal of a fictional character, and – spoiler alert – the main character is not actually murdered,” he said in a statement from his publisher.

“Nevertheless, I do not want to cause Stephen King or his family any discomfort. Out of respect for them, I have decided not to publish The Murder of Stephen King.”


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