A cat that comforts ailing Veterans

There are some people out there that still believe that animals are just dumb beasts, but this story will definitely melt your heart.

Salem VA medical center in Salem, Virginia appointed a feline cat who has “Sixth Sense’ in comforting ailing veterans. Tom the cat is revered as an animal who may sometimes know more about empathy “in the moment” than his humans who love him just for being “Tom.”

Army veteran James Gearhart of Bassett, Virginia, told, “You can’t beat a good, purring, loving kitty cat. Tom knows when someone is having a hard time. He laid on my bed a lot and I rubbed and scratched him the way cats like.” He lived in the rehabilitation unit while being treated for throat cancer, and says he’s doing well after being recently discharged.

The idea of appointing the cat came In 2012, when Dottie Rizzo chief nurse in the hospital’s extended care service, along with physician assistant Laura Hart read a book, “Making rounds with Oscar” by Dr. David Dosa. In the book, the do the doctor documents the story of a cat named Oscar who comforts dementia patients and appears to anticipate when they are about to die.

“We enlisted the assistance of a local veterinarian’s office manager who went to a shelter and visited with the cats for a long time before deciding on Tom.” Rizzo said.

“There are patients who say they don’t love him, but they do end up loving him anyway — they just don’t know it!” she added.


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